I grew up in a small town called Sault Ste Marie in Northern ON.  I have always had a love for music, my first instrument was a ukulele.  In my earlier memories of childhood, I remember my parents’ friend who was boarding with us, and he was a great guitar player. He and my dad would always play and sing for me.  My grandfather was a great musician and played in the Big Bands when he was younger.  I used to love listening to his stories and even more listening to him play his saxophone.

In Elementary school, once I was big enough to push down the strings, I picked up my dad’s guitar and started playing and singing along. I remember Dad had a Gordon Lightfoot chord book and I picked it up and learned every song in it.  As a kid who loved music, I was always singing and making up my own songs.  I started taking piano lessons at a young age, which really helped me learn the theory behind music.  

Once I got to high school I really enjoyed music classes, my guitar teacher was great and developed in us an interest in the good classic tunes; stuff by guys like Niel Young, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Clapton, and Stevie Ray.  I started writing my own songs and performing them for family and friends.  My interest in music continued to grow and develop over time.

I started jamming with guys on a fairly regular basis in high school and in college, and played with many talented musicians over the years, all the while writing more and more of my own songs along the way.  I have also been involved for many years playing music and leading a team at the church I grew up in, at different coffee houses, and of course numerous campfires and parties.  I love playing and always bring a guitar with me everywhere I go.  

Bringing us up to the present; I have been playing with the same group (mostly) for quite a few years now, (Sometimes Ange then Johnny and the Revelators).  My wife asked me what I wanted to do as a new year's resolution this year and my answer was “the same as usual exercise more, eat healthier”, her reply was “ no, something for you!” I thought of my music right away.  I have had many of my music friends who have recently recorded and I figured why shouldn’t I? I decided I was going to record my own EP album. I am a husband, a father of two awesome beautiful girls and a small business owner - so my time was limited. It has been a journey... but we are here!